Synchronize IT Systems Landscapes

How to create a single source of truth whilst cutting cost

Proliferating amounts of data (Big Data) and multitudes of IT-systems are a fact in the every-day life of many corporations. Especially for manufacturing companies with a multi-variant product portfolio this will be a huge challenge. Comprehensive product life cycle management systems provide a promising solution(PLM). However, the majority of companies still think in business functions, each with their own requirements regarding information technology. Hence, many redundancies and inconsistencies occur while generating data. The challenge is to provide a comprehensive data structure as well as an organizational implementation of a single source of data truth considering the requirements of Industrie 4.0.


  • What performance do IT systems have to offer in today´s companies?
  • What restrictions do IT systems have and how  to overcome them?
  • How much and what data is generated each day and for what reason?
  • Out of this data, what is needed, resp. what is really used as information?
  • Are the possibilities of Industrie 4.0 regarding product life cycle management known to Management?
  • Is a holistic PLM function model on hand?
  • Who manages the product information comprehensively towards other data management systems?


As the global market leader in Complexity Management we implement our methodologies fast and efficiently.  In our unique PLM-laboratory, which is equipped with several installed IT solutions, different use-case-scenarios a can be conducted.  Together with our clients we develop successful concepts for:


  • Significantly improved quality of data
  • Faster change management
  • Increased forecasting ability
  • Depending on the filed of application we achieve up to 20 % faster and more effective business processes with our clients.


 Methodical Fundamentals and Tools

  • PLM laboratory in Aachen
  • PLM quick check
  • PLM market level