Manage Product Variety

Increasing revenue and decreasing cost

Growth and success are often accompanied by an increasing product diversity. As long as growth is suatined, additional variants and a large product range indeed guarantee a profitable earning situation. But as soon as market conditions change, over-grown portfolios become more and more a burden. Distinguishing profitable product variety from loss-generating product variety is key.


  • Which products do generate profits, which do not?
  • At what point does additional complexity start to show negative effects?
  • What are the real costs generated by additional variants?
  • Where does the feasibility of a classic ABC analysis end?
  • How many variants do we actually have?
  • Which variants generate benefit and should therefore be fostered – which have to be reviewed?
  • In which segments are old products to be replaced by new ones?
  • Do we have to rethink our current product portfolio in order to better satisfy current and future customer requirements?


As the global market leader in Complexity Management we implement our methodologies fast and efficiently. By using Complexity Manager software, we are a highly efficient partner for our clients. Depending on the field of application we generallyachieve up to:


  • 30 % increased profitability
  • 13 % decreased cost of order processing
  • 25 % reduced lead time
  • 10 % decreased tooling cost
    with our customers.


Methodical Fundamentals and Tools

  • Complexity Manager (software for analysis and visualization of product variety)
  • Variant Mode and Effects Analysis (VMEA)
  • Product Function Deployment (PFD)
  • Performance system design


Complexity Manager


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