Evaluate Complexity

Complexity management is cost management

Recognizing and mastering complexity  is one of the core tasks of Top Executives. The key prerequisite is the ability to identify  and evaluate complexity drivers. Without knowing the current complexity status of an organization, it is impossible to optimize. Without being able to quantify the impact of actions, success cannot be monitored.
Unfortunately, the standard tools for financial analysis, which are currently used, are unable to provide realiable information about the true cost of complexity.

The following questions need to be answered:

  • How do complexity drivers impact our profit situation?
  • What is the true cost of Complexity?
  • Are the complexity drivers and their cost impact known?
  • Are my complexity costs higher than those of my competitors?
  • Are interactions between complexity drivers and subsequent domino effects transparent?
  • Where and how can complexity cost be influenced without limiting the customer value?


As the global market leader in Complexity Management we implement methodologies fast and efficiently. Depending on the field of application we usually achieve a complexity cost reduction of up to 30% with our clients.


Methodical Fundamentals and Tools

  • Complexity cost allocation
  • Complexity scorecard
  • Complexity KPI model
  • Complexity index


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