Engineer Agile Processes

Improving process time and decreasing cost

Processes demand a high level of friction-free interaction between different functions, units, departments, teams and employees within the company. The larger a corporation, the more complex are the diversity and dependencies among its processes. The challenge is to design the processes  in an  optimal cost-benefit ratio.


  • Are Complexity and agility perfectly balanced?
  • Are the current business processes defined adequately?
  • On which overall process model is it based?
  • Are the processes aligned with the company’s strategy?
  • What are the core problems and wastes?
  • What is the right amount of process standardization?
  • Who defines the processes and how are they used?


As the global market leader in Complexity Management we implement our methodologies fast and efficiently The consultants of Schuh & Co. are highly efficient partners for our clients. Depending on the field of application we generally  achieve up to


  • 40 % reduced lead time
  • 50 % increased agility with our clients.


Methodical Fundamentals and Tools

  • Value stream analysis
  • Visualization (Aixperanto and Proplan)
  • Process management navigator
  • Process portfolio