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Designing High Performance Organizations

Complex environments and markets shape organizations . Being influenced by diversity and dynamics, globally distributed production networks and independent legal entities have to be aligned perfectly with global corporate processes. Unfortunately the optimum is frequently missed: instead of constraining the effects of external complexity on the company, organizations often tend too easily to just express all of the external complexity drivers in their structure. This may lead to sluggish organizations, which are unable to meet today’s market requirements: flexibility and agility.


  • Where can I minimize complexity and where do you have to manage it?
  • Which is the right level of centralization, resp. decentralization in my company?
  • How much hierarchy, planning and control does my company require?
  • Do I know all complexity drivers of my organization?
  • Have I adequately defined my companies’ strategy regarding complexity?
  • Does the strategic positioning of my organization fit the required complexity?
  • Which strategic programs consider complexity-relevant topics?
  • Which barriers to change will I experience in my company?
  • Do I have to re-align my organization to drive real change?


As the global market leader in Complexity Management we implement our methodologies fast and precisely. The consultants of Schuh & Co. are highly efficient partners for our clients. Together with our clients we develop turn-key concepts for


  • Agile an efficient high performance organizations
  • The perfect alignement oforganizational structure and processes
  • Higher acceptance in change initiatives


Methodical Fundamentals and Tools

  • St. Gallen Management Model
  • Strategy audit
  • Organizational Excellence Tool Kit


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