Boost Innovation Efficiency

Improving customer value and decreasing cost

Today’s R&D Management faces the challenge of focusing the development and innovation power in a way that yields the highest return on of innovationwhile maximizing of customer value. R&D efficiency must be increased in order to minimize waste of resources. Our 12 Lean Innovation Principles are specifically designed for minimizing wastein the innovation process. Our research in the field R&D efficiency clearly proves “More R&D spending does not lead to higher innovation success


  • What is the ideal degree of R&D expenditure?
  • Are the R&D activities prioritized adequately?
  • What scope of solutions should be targeted in order to maximize customer value?
  • How has the solution to be structured in order to control innovation as well as to avoid over engineering?
  • How can all functions be synchronized during implementation?
  • How can continuous improvement processes and release engineering be adapted safely?


As the global market leader in Complexity Management we implement our methodologies fast and efficiently The consultants of Schuh & Co. are highly efficient partners for our clients. Depending on the field of application we generally  achieve up to


  • 50 % reduced development costs
  • 10 % cut production costs
  • 10 % faster time to market with our clients.


 Methodical Fundamentals and Tools


  • Lean innovation and engineering systematic
  • R&D and innovation strategy/ management
  • R&D portfolio management/ development framework/ R&D project management
  • Stage-gate-process (product, material, assembly)
  • Management of core competencies and resources
  • Product life cycle management
  • Technology planning (scanning, early detection, appraisal, steering)
  • Technology road-mapping (market, product, technology)


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Lean Innovation: The Challenge
Stephan Krumm, Ph.D. /
Stephan U. Schittny, Ph.D.