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We would like to challenge and support you at the same time, for both of our benefits. We will ask a lot from you, but we will offer great perspectives on the other hand. Why not realize your dream job in a company that offers the best perspectives for your personal and professional development? Honesty and fairness are core values of ours. We honor team work, but also individual performance. We foster the development of each employee. We strongly believe that this mix is the base for creative solutions within the scope of our projects.

The career path here at Schuh & Co. is designed as a stairway concept. How fast you can and want to climb the stairs is up to you. Your previous experience and education determine at which step you enter the stairway.  There are few fixed schemes allowing you to perform according to your skills and to achieve maximum results in your future development. A regular dialogue with your team leader assures that your personal development is discussed and adjusted as needed in a very pragmatic manner.  A performance based pay scheme honors motivation, work efforts, and of course, success.

We do not only challenge our employees – we focus strongly on their development. Permanent and continuing training based on personal interests are part of the job contract.


Open Positions

Schuh & Co. has been successful to introduce complexity management into the industry for 13 years. Our team, our expertise and our competence have since grown continuously as have our partners and our network. We are continuously seeking new talent to join our international team and we challenge you, whether you are just about to start your career as a consultant or changing your career from the operational side into consulting. Provide us with your resume and a short intro into, outlining why you will be valuable to our team and how you will complement our competence. Please address your inquiry to:


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