Managing Complexity in Global Organizations

Autor: Ulrich Steger, Wolfgang Amann, Martha Maznevski

Titel: Managing Complexity in Global Organizations (IMD Executive Development)

ISBN: 978-0470510728


This book delivers new and proven insights on an emerging management challenge - how to deal with overwhelming complexity. Globally active organizations have to cope with the most complex of all managerial decision-making environments. On one side, a greater diversity of cultures, customers, competitors and regulations compounds complexity; on the other, competitive pressures cause expanding companies to extract more synergies across products and regions throughout their entire value web. In such a climate, a new way of thinking, acting and organizing is needed beyond the familiar 'control' mindset.

Drawing together insights from across the expert faculty, Managing Complexity in the Global Organizations presents IMD's framework on how to better understand complexity and its four key drivers (diversity; interdependence; ambiguity and flux), along with solutions on specific issues in a variety of functions, industries and markets (including developing nations such as China and India). The focus is on providing relevant solutions for managers and executives based on a meaningful illustrations and real-life examples.

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